An abstract may be defined as a short-worded paragraph that gives a quick overview of your report or essay and how it is organized. The abstract should address the critical points of your thesis. It also must address the applications and implications of your research paper.

An abstract being a summary of an entire paper; the abstract describes, not defending, or evaluating the paper. An abstract starts with a faithful proclamation of an issue or problem, then the research design and methodology follow. Significant findings and conclusions are achieved in the end. An abstract must have substantial content and keywords, which facilitates the accessibility of the abstract using a computer, and the reader can go through the whole thesis.

Example of a bad Abstract

The written paper will cover the human genome plan and the target of the paper. I will demonstrate that the scientist has moral and ethical questions which explain genetic engineering.

Example of a good abstract

The human genome project, which the scientist and experts started in 1988, tries to explain the chromosomes, which give way forward for anthropological species.

An IMRaD Paper writing

An IMRaD Paper writing is mainly used by papers that major in natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering sciences. The main sections of the IMRaD writing are divided into introduction, results, methods, and discussion. Your abstract will be a determinant of whether people will either read the entire paper or not.

A writer should have their abstract written after finishing writing the full draft paper because the abstract gives the paper’s highlights. By doing so, a writer will summarize what they have written in their paper as they compose the abstract. 

An IMRaD abstract sample

Purpose – this research paper analyzes how experts and novices can adapt and transmit their skills to a new technology found in the medical domain.

Methods – to give the proper feedback, we compared the progress of 14 medical students, each with five robotic surgeons who use the latest robotic devices that allows 3D view and the performance of 14 laparoscopic surgeons.

Results – our outcomes reveal minor aftermath of expertise. The results further showed that the experts could transfer their skills without requiring the system of the human machine. When the experts change their environment, they may disrupt their performance.

Implications – this study shows the necessity of taking the impacts of the change in the environment and the experts’ adaptive capacities.

Common problems to avoid when writing an IMRaD abstract

  1. The abstract offers some statements about the questions that the paper asks and expounds more about the findings.
  2. The correct statement: people sleep too much because they tend to go to bed late at night, they fail to set their alarms, and their rooms stay dark.

    The wrong statement: The paper explains the results of too much sleep.

  3. The abstract gives generalized categories as compared to specific detailed findings.

The correct statement: the study explains that the vital variable when selecting movie theatres are popcorns of high quality and movie comfortable seats.


Your abstract should give an overview of the essay and the method by which you should have your work organized. Your abstract should give a lecture on the critical points of your thesis. A good abstract will always lead to the excellent quality of your thesis. The abstract must also speak about the implications that may face your research paper.

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