There are specific conventions on the physical production and styles that regulate the thesis of all Gallatin. It should have consistent documents, although the formats may differ. Specific guidelines should be followed when writing a thesis in Gallatin.


Whether research, project, or performance, every dissertation should have the following items include:

  1. Title page
  2. An abstract which is single-spaced and in one-page
  3. A table of figures, illustrations, or content should contain page numbers where necessary
  4. A text body that contains appropriate headings, sections, or sub-sections for chapters
  5. Appropriate portfolios or appendices
  6. Complete bibliography

A student may include some items of their wish, which are to be placed in roman pages- enumerated that follows the abstract. The items that help students understand their work may include acknowledgments, copyright, a preference, and dedication.

Specification of a layout

  • Style and Type size

A student has to select some ordinary book font: Garamond, Times New Roman, Palatino, Century, or Goudy. The most preferred font for writing a thesis may range from 11 to 12- point font.

  • Pagination

Number your paper in Arabic numerals, whereby on the first page of the text, you would number it as 1. The previous pages before the first page are numbered using roman numbers, just as the indication in one’s stylebook. The right place to place the numbers in the top right, bottom right, top middle, or bottom middle.

  • Proofreading

A student or writer must go through their work very carefully as they read and rectify the student’s work errors. The document ought to be edited first so that it becomes ready to proofread. The document is therefore easily understood, well organized, and well written.

The proofreading period involves identifying small and large errors that were missed and introduced when editing was done. Proofreaders must ensure that the final document is free from typographical errors, grammatical errors, and well-formatted work.

  • Copyright

It refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property. It means no one can reproduce the owner’s work unless the owner permits them. Some laws protect the owners’ work, called copyright law.

The copyright law restricts any person from reproducing the same kind of work that the work in which another person had earlier produced.

  • Style guide

There are requirements in the writing style, and a writer must do according to the requirement of the work given to them. A writer can use various styles to present their work; Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Language Association (ALA), among other various styles. MLA and ALA are the two main styles on matters such as; page layout, bibliographies, citation formats and pagination, and how to use special terms.


During formatting, the students should use various steps for the production of great work. Writers should organize their dissertation, get the right content and be familiar with the specific layouts. The layouts may include style and type size, pagination, proofreading, copyright, and the style guide. All of the procedures to follow in writing the best work would lead you to succeed in your career.

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