If you want to make the best impressions that count; then you have to get the attention of your readers through your introduction. You can only get the desired results if you come up with an introduction that is loaded with facts that mattered.

The question is: When is appropriate to write your introduction? If you write the introduction immediately after you choose your topic; you are not going to achieve excellent results that you are going to be proud of at the end of the day. 

The best time to write the most powerful introduction is when you have written the outline of your paper. The research would have been concluded and you can now seize the opportunity to bring out the strongest highlight from your research to pen down your introductory lines.

You are not expected to reveal all here. What you are going to give is a teaser that will make your audience hunger and thirst for more. There should be a hook sentence in your introduction. This is the place to create a first impression that will last long in the minds of every reader.

The tenses should be structured in a way that the layman will understand. Your writing is not for the academic community alone. The readers cut across all strata of human categories. The language should be easy to understand. 

Background Information

Your readers deserved more about the topic. You are expected to include background information to help the understanding of the subject by your readers. There should be no gap in the information that you are providing for your audience. However; as explained earlier; do not give too much background information.

The importance of your research work

It is very important to explain the importance of your research work to your readers. The value should be placed on your work. Your readers should find genuine reasons why they should take their time to read through your work.

This can only be possible if you can convince your audience about the importance of your work. You must bring out the essence in the paper if you want the audience to buy into your idea. 

Your thesis statement

This is the place to miss it or get it. Your thesis statement must be seen to be strong and highly potent. If you are not convincing enough in your thesis statement; you are not going to get the desired attention from the readers and your instructors. The idea of the thesis statement should be your own and it should reflect your convictions. With adequate research, it will be possible to come up with something that will beat all the existing protocols that had been in existence.

Final thoughts

The introduction to your paper should carry enough weight. It should be based on the strongest points of your research paper. This is an area that you will be able to get the attention of your readers. When you can create a first-time impression; your paper will be relevant.

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