Just like an essay, we can classify a research paper into the following types: analytical, argumentative, cause and effect, experimental, definition, problem – solution, and research report. An analytical research paper which is one of the frequently assigned essays will be discussed with examples you can use for your work.

What Is an Analytical Research Paper?

An analytical research paper is an assignment writing that critically assesses a subject matter from different sources and viewpoints.

Unique Features of Analytical Research Paper

  • Choose an interesting topic – a topic you know about that will interest your readers.
  • Complex informative basis: be sure to have relevant sources or literature for your paper
  • Ask your instructor about the formatting style you should use – APA, MLA etc.
  • Be logical and consistent – let your paper be well organised and let there be a connection between the paper parts.
  • Analyze existing authors’ opinions about the topic. Do not just agree or disagree; be realistic.
  • Do not make logical mistakes. View your topic from different angles to get the full gist about it.
  • Present your perspective about your chosen topic, do not only have the mind of gathering information from existing sources.
  • Have a relevant thesis statement.
  • Use formal words.

Steps to Write an Analytical Research Paper

  1. Select a topic
  2. Think over all the details
  3. Find good sources
  4. Make notes
  5. Come up with great ideas
  6. Craft an outline
  7. Write the first draft
  8. Edit the paper
  9. Proofread the text
  10. Get feedback

Structure of an Analytical Research Paper

Analytical Research Paper structure differs depending on your topic and course of study.  Seek Proper guidance from your instructor or pay for research papers online to get them written for you. Nevertheless, the main sections remain unchanged – they are discussed below:

Title page

This page contains your research title, name, course of study, instructor’s name and submission date.


This is the page that points out the central aspect of the research. It attracts readers to spend more time to read your paper if written perfectly. It should not be more than 200 words.


This is the part where you give a piece of background information related to your topic. Also, you need to make known the problem statement, objective and significance of the study. Finally, explain the connection between related existing literature and your topic – is there any correlation?

Literature review

In the literature review, as the name implies, you review existing literature made by previous researchers to form an informative basis of your study. However, you should cite all the authors and their respective research to avoid plagiarism.

Research design

In this part of the research, you will explain to your readers, how (methods) and from who (respondents) you gathered all your information.


This part comprises your finding results, summary, discussion and recommendations.

In the discussion section, show how your findings correlate with previous researches. Furthermore, in the recommendations section, give some instructions for future researchers who want to continue your study.

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